Our Products

Some of the systems we have developed in-house to help your business.


Manage your projects


A Projects Information Management solution designed to extensively capture and manage projects data.

Prymasys helps with project planning and monitoring as it captures, tracks and reports on project plans and progress under various project objectives, outcomes, outputs and activities as will be measured against captured targets/milestones.

The system also features a structured document management module designed to assist in managing progress reports


A fleet management system designed to ease the management of multiple vehicles.

FleetAd manages and stores histories for the following processes; vehicle allocations, user suspensions, vehicle withdrawals, replacements, disposals, accident details, fueling details, inspections, maintenance (workshop) details, etc.


Manage your fleet


Manage school information


An application designed to ease the management of information in schools.

SchoolAd manages information schools handle by creating a central database where all school data is stored. This ensures instant retrieval of all critical school information including the instant processing and generation of reports.

Key information managed includes information on students, staff, assets, library, guardians, sports, examinations and payments.

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